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New: Hydrangea paniculata ‘Switch Ophelia’

In this series we have one species, namely the Hydrangea paniculata 'Switch Ophelia'. The special feature of this variety is the 120 to 150 day flowering guarantee.

This color spectacle starts early in May until the end of September. It colors with light lime yellow, then white. In July the plant starts to turn a light pink color.
After which the dark pink color follows and at the end of August to the end of September the color is old pink/red. A very nice color palette that makes your garden something special.

Like the other varieties, the plant can withstand the heat well, but partial shade is also good. Frost -25°C is also no problem. Pruning is done minimally because this plant does not grow fast.

If you prune, you can only do that in March. The plant grows 70 to 90 cm high.

Because the flowers are open in structure, the bees have better access to them for pollination.